Sabot interjú (2000)

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…avagy két fapapucs beszélget

1987-ben anyazenekaruk, a San Francisco-i Forethought feloszlása után a csapat két legkreatívabb tagja – a ritmusszekció – úgy döntött, hogy tovább folytatja. Eredetileg egy klasszikus felállású zenekarban gondolkodtak, ám nem az lett belőle.

Kyuss Lives! – Interview with drummer Brant Bjork (2011)

The moment I heard about the coming together of this group and the fact that they are playing in Hungary, I knew it was going to be something amazing and a very special occasion for me. Whether it’s a tribute or a reunion band is insignificant – what matters is that they play Kyuss songs

Jeremiah Cymerman interview (2011)

Despite his young age, Jeremiah Cymerman is one of the most innovative and exciting clarinet players of today’s avant-garde music in New York. He plays both scored and improvised music, and his solo and collaborative works were published by such record labels as Porter and Tzadik in the last couple of years.

I Pilot Daemon interview (2011)

The singer of I Pilot Daemon may be familiar from my latest article about the band’s new album, Come What May. I thought – since we’ve already exchanged a few letters with the „dirty old” Toulousian, Romain Barbot on Facebook – I  might ask a few basic questions to describe his band.

Creative Nausea – Interview with Douglas P., founder of Death In June (2010)

endhits: On the cover of the first single from the new album (Peaceful Snow / Maverick Chamber 7”) we can see behind You the “1944 Warsaw Uprising” monument in winter, which evokes Your piece Europa Rising as well.