I Pilot Daemon interview (2011)

The singer of I Pilot Daemon may be familiar from my latest article about the band’s new album, Come What May. I thought – since we’ve already exchanged a few letters with the „dirty old” Toulousian, Romain Barbot on Facebook – I  might ask a few basic questions to describe his band. So here you are, enjoy!

endhits: What are the reflections on Come What May?
Romain Barbot: It would be too long to review it in a few words… But who can see the future? Sometimes you put a lot of energy, love, hopes in one thing in vain, and the day after your life takes a turn at the corner. It’s about life, common doubt, self-deception, happiness, girls, drugs, death and friends.

endhits: How many tours have you been on?
R.B.: I don’t count it like that but we have toured in Spain, France many times, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, etc …

endhits: You have toured the Scandinavian countries lately. Was it your first time up there in the cold?
R.B.: Yes. I only visited Stockholm two years ago. It was a really good tour, we saw the last Time to Burn show.

endhits: What was the people’s reaction?
R.B.: Really good, we were happy to meet some fans who drove 700 km to be at the show. You are 3000 km away from your bed and people are asking questions about our local scene, our side-projects. It was the first time for both bands and we were happy to not play in front of nobody. We met a lot of nice and awesome people in Denmark and Finland.

endhits: Are you planning to come to Central/Eastern Europe? (You have to!)
R.B.: It’s not easy for us to manage a long tour. We have to manage with our daily jobs and during the beginning of 2011 we will focus on France and Spain. But why not, it’s easy to contact us…

endhits: France is mostly well-known for providing the coolest screamo, “post” bands around. What other French bands are you on the best terms with, which bands do you like the most?
R.B.: I could list my friends from Time to Burn, Celeste, Plebeian Grandstand, Selenites or the Throatruiner releases like Birds in Row or As We Draw… but this is not really screamo.

endhits: Tell me a little bit about Montreal on Fire? Is it a side-project for you or just as serious as I Pilot Daemon?
R.B.: It’s not a side-project. Montreal on Fire recorded a second album – more pop and less depressive – last summer. It will be available in April but you can listen to one track on the website: montrealonfire.com
I have been playing guitar with my friends of Plebeian Grandstand since 2007. We were living together and we started to play in our living room, jamming on Adrien’s old demos. It started like that. The first album is full of foggy guitars, sad vocals, a kind of mix between post-rock and a pop-rock songwriting.

endhits: What are your future plans, dreams?
R.B.: If only all my running projects – not only musical – could be a success! Wish me to travel a lot!


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